Jeanette Griffith - Soprano

When did you join BCGC? 17 August 2015
What's your favourite BCGC song? 1. Gods on your side, 2. Feelin good, 3. Oh Danny boy.
What's your favourite BCGC moment (so far!)? Getting my email from Marie asking me could I accept a position within BCGC. I screamed all the way down the garden to tell my husband and then danced on air the whole way back! AMAZING
What's been your favourite BCGC gig? Stormont TedX. I loved how Marie shared her whole world with everyone - her words and the way she found her dream coming true. Very emotional.
What song would you love BCGC to include in their set? I will follow him from Sister Act - it was one of my choices for my audition.
Why should I come and see BCGC in action? Coming to a BCGC concert is the most uplifting and feel good factor anyone could experience from a gospel singing concert. The. Songs are amazing, our soloists are superb and I'd hate personally that you'd miss out on such a fantastic and enjoyable evening.