Tina Blackburne - Soprano

When did you join BCGC? September 2015
What's your favourite BCGC song? Total Praise. You have to hear it live, to appreciate how amazing this song is!!
What's your favourite BCGC moment (so far!)? Just being a part of the BCGC family and meeting so many like minded people has made every moment amazing for me
What's been your favourite BCGC gig? Holywood Baptist Church. I loved it. It was a relatively small gig, but the atmosphere was electric and Marie filled everyone's buckets with joy 🙂
What song would you love BCGC to include in their set? M People - "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"
Why should I come and see BCGC in action? Because we all need to take time out of our busy lives, to just stop and breathe it all in. When my daughter was born, she received a card that read "Welcome to this beautiful world". I framed it and placed it in her room, because it mirrors my sentiments exactly. You can find something beautiful in everything!