Christine Gorman - Soprano

What's your favourite BCGC song? My favourite song is Holy, Holy, Holy. I like the gospel sound of this piece and how it can be very uplifting.
What's your favourite BCGC moment (so far!)? It would have to be performing in New York in Brooklyn Church, the congregation were totally amazing both to watch and sing alongside. The Pastor was also inspiring.
What's been your favourite BCGC gig? There have now been to many to mention, but our performances in New York in May 2014, reached new levels.
What song would you love BCGC to include in their set? BCGC perform so many genres of songs, however I particularly like the old Southern Gospel pieces like Victory.
Why should I come and see BCGC in action? To just forget whats happening outside and to be part of something that takes you somewhere else