Paul Bradley - Tenor

When did you join BCGC? September 2014
What's your favourite BCGC song? In the bleak midwinter with Mark Langley on guitar
What's your favourite BCGC moment (so far!)? The last night of the Christmas Concert 2014 at UT wow!
What's been your favourite BCGC gig? Causeway Vineyard 2014 when my best friend Tim and his wife Dianna had BCGC sing a love song to them.
What song would you love BCGC to include in their set? Every Praise doin it and it's a cracker!
Why should I come and see BCGC in action? The 105 plus members of the Belfast Community Gospel Choir (BCGC) constitute a united community, performing a variety of songs rooted in urban contemporary gospel music, sometimes referred to as 'black gospel'. Through singing they bring joy to business people and politicians hosting corporate functions. They also regularly help fundraisers at charitable events. Their versatility and magnanimity is such that they also perform at church concerts and have even backed theatrical productions. My wife, has been a BCGC soprano since it's inception and wanted me to spend more time with her "feeling the joy" So in the summer of 2014, flush with our new found empty nest, an idea was hatched for me to possibly join her. I auditioned for a tenor part and the rest is history. I'm certainly no Pavarotti, but nonetheless, passionately sing my wee heart out (my choreography is however somewhat developmental) as I too now "feel the joy". Catching up on learning 45 joy-filled songs sure is hard work though! The uniqueness of singing "gospel music" is that the inherent message reassures listeners, encouraging them to receive a newfound confidence, throughout the ups and downs of their lives. An example song would be "hold on, don't quit Gods on your side." This particular song encapsulates how joy is more than circumstantial happiness. In the face of the storms and trials of life we can have a confident assurance that things are going to be alright. It continues in a crescendo, with the words of my old Boys Brigade motto: "We have an anchor that keeps the soul, steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the Rock which cannot move, hold on..." This expression of joy strengthens our resolve to hope in our ever present friend and faithful God. What seems like apparent defeat can often just be a delay. Remember, even then, it's Gods joy that will give us the strength to get up and get on!