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Commonwealth Games

BCGC joined up with Tourism Ireland to give athletes and guests at the Commonwealth Games a bit of JOY!


NYC Scrapbook

We took a few pics and videos (selfies galore!) in NYC.
Check them out and get a feel for how amazing our trip was!



Thank-you to some of our supporters who helped us on our way to NYC this summer!


Need more joy? You’ve come to the right place.

Belfast Community Gospel Choir (BCGC) is Northern Ireland’s first and only multicultural gospel choir. We are much sought-after due to our dynamic performances, which are charged with joy, passion and energy. Our choir performs at concerts, civic and charitable events, festivals and weddings etc.
 Although based in Belfast, our choir members come from all parts of the province.

BCGC is comprised of over 100 auditioned singers who perform in various-sized ensembles. We take great pride in the fact that our community is multicultural and cross-community. Following decades of violence, division and political upheaval in Northern Ireland we are committed to performing music that carries the message of love, joy and peace and to promoting a positive image of our country.

Click here to meet our choir members!

Here’s an intro to what BCGC is all about – if you think this is good you should really see us live! :